Yes! Again

Yes! Again

Abby Zimet

Today the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, rabid global
warming deniers, reversed itself and announced it was throwing its weight
behind strong climate change legislation as "a free enterprise survival
strategy." Except not. But the Yes Men, anti-corporate activists, did.
Teaming with the Avaaz Action Factory, they punked Reuters, the Times,
the Post and others who ran the announcement. You'd think they'd figure
out something was up if they bothered to read the "Chamber's" full statement on their "momentous decision."

"In business, as in life, we sometimes don't look ahead. We seize
the day while forgetting the year...Let's remember Lehman Brothers, a
committed, solid member of this
Chamber, who in the interest of short-term gain scuttled a century.
They ate lamb, but were left without wool when the cold, hard winter
set in."




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