Let There Be Crumb

Let There Be Crumb

Abby Zimet

Mr. Natural - aka R. Crumb, weird master of the large-breasted,
frequently-humping, often-blasphemous underground comic - has taken on
the Bible. Straight-faced, yet. Today marks the release
of Crumb's "The Book of Genesis Illustrated," the newly-minted Biblical
scholar's entirely literal take on Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, as well as
reverence, betrayal, incest, courage, thievery, sacrifice, revenge, ruling elites and
what he calls "human beings at their nastiest." Who needs irony, Crumb
suggests: It's all right there.

"The Lord saw that the wickedness of the human
creature was great on the earth, and that every scheme of his heart's
devising was only perpetually evil."



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