Hyper-Sensitive Illegal Alien-Supporting Nuts

Hyper-Sensitive Illegal Alien-Supporting Nuts

Abby Zimet

As if Steele wasn't enough, now there's a Halloween Illegal Alien
costume selling - and offending -  for $39.99, complete with prison
jumpsuit, alien mask and green card: "He didn't just cross a border, he
crossed a galaxy!" Target apparently got enough complaints they've
taken it off the website; it's still at Toys 'R Us, Walgreens, Amazon
and elsewhere. The Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles
is campaigning
against it. It's tough to decide which is creepier: the interview with
the kids where a guy says he thinks it's racist and a giggling girl
says, "Who cares?" or the guys on Fox who found it so hilarious.

Brian Kilmeade: "If
you're here illegally, go to your local police station and tell them
how outraged you are because you're an illegal alien and this costume
offends you!"

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