Where Climate Change Is Deadly Real

Abby Zimet

To document the drastic effects of global warming produced by the
world's richest people on the world's poorest people, British punk
artist Jamie Hewlett went with Oxfam members to Bangladesh - which is
80% floodplain,  makes up 10% of south Asia but sees 90% of its water
pass through to the sea. Hewlett drew and photographed the island flood
villages of Char Atra, where people, mostly women, are learning to survive ever-worse monsoons and floods for months at a time. Pictures and more here.
Hewlett describes kids drawing houses washed away and swimming to
school with books on their heads. We in the West cannot know what it's
like, he says, but he's trying.

"The flood's their bogeyman. But they deal with it. It's part of
their lives. How would we react if we knew you could lose a child every time you open the front door?"

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