Rape For Fun and Profit

Abby Zimet

Whoah: Sick. In the Japanese video game RapeLay, the "player" stalks, gropes, molests, handcuffs and repeatedly rapes a mother and her two young daughters until they "enjoy" it. He can choose from various sexual positions; he can invite three creepy friends to join the "fun," and if he "ejaculates," he can force all three females to have abortions. He rapes the elder daughter in a dirty bathroom; he rapes the younger, about 10, in her bed, while her teddy bears look on. Afterwards, she cries. Both girls are virgins, and "bleed" when "entered."


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Produced by Illusion software, RapeLay is sold on Amazon in Japan, where kiddie porn is big business and the age of consent is 13. It was taken off Amazon in the U.S. after complaints, but is still widely available online. In May, the New York-based Equality Now announced a campaign against RapeLay and other rape simulation games made and sold in Japan. A spokesperson for Illusion said they were "bewildered" by the action. We know, sort of, how they feel.

Apparently, Japan lags far behind many other countries in acknowledging, curtailing and punishing violence against women. Surely, this doesn't help. To sign onto the Equality Now action, go here. To read about the company's non-response go here, and to read an awful, detailed but pretty funny video game review (final score: minus 33) go here

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