Of Burns and Healing

Of Burns and Healing

Abby Zimet

Farah with her uncle.

This is a painful story out of Gaza. Its pain is slightly mitigated by
the presence of some truly good guys, but still. It's about a
three-year-old girl, Farah Abu Halima, badly burned in a white phosphorus attack
by Israeli forces that also killed her mother and much of her family.

There is hope Farah can get out of Gaza and to the U.S. for treatment,
thanks to the efforts of Doctors Offering Charitable Services (DOCS), which would treat her for free, and especially Palestinian Children's Relief Fund,
whose head, Steve Sosebee, has been working for months to get Farah
out, along with three other children. Over 20 years, Sosebee has gotten
medical treatment to 1,000 Palestinian children. If he can get Farah
out, he hopes media coverage about her will educate people to the fate
of so many Gazan children. Sosebee is a hopeful guy. 

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