Tonight, We Are All Rush Limbaugh. Well. Maybe Not Some of Us.

Abby Zimet

Photo by Wonkette.

In a move of infinite wisdom, racist loudmouth Rush Limbaugh has
been dropped from the group trying to buy the St. Louis Rams, a team
made up primarily of black men who presumably despise said racist
loudmouth. Limbaugh was pissed and said the decision doomed the
country. Some other people agreed, but not anyone you'd want to ask
over for dinner. A poster at grieved that, "Tonight a light went out....a dream died" and then ranted a while. Sorry Mr. President: For now, we are truly red and blue, and not united, states

"Tonight, Rush is us. And we are him...Tonight the left proved that they will stop at
nothing to end our dreams. Our dreams of success and happiness
devastate their need to dominate and control you and me... and well
everything and everyone."

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