Yo Dude! Like, Whassup ?

Abby Zimet

As promised, Michael Steele has taken the GOP "to the streets" with a new website launched today. Where to begin? With its hilarious typos, awkward syntax, gross factual errors, blank page for future leaders? Or the profound cynicism of a party of old rich white men proudly proclaiming its heroes a bunch of black men and uppity women, albeit from centuries ago?

Sadly, the site was plagued with technical problems all day. It was often down, or slow, and elements kept disappearing and then reappearing. Early in the day, a little Michael Steele bounced around at the top of the page; later, he seemed to have left, which did not bode well for his already questionable political future.

There are also the mistakes, never mind grotesque misnomers. Under Republican Accomplishments: "President Bush ordered 250,000 U.S. troops into Iraw" (later fixed), and under GOP Heroes, Jackie Robinson, a self-described independent. He joins greats like Ellen Foster and Pinckney Pinchback. For most of the day, the link to Future GOP leaders went to a page that read "404 Error: This page could not be found." Later, it went to, "You are – you, the people who make America work....GOP.com is going to profile future leaders, often people who simply lead by doing....the future belongs to those who help to create a more positive living environment for everyone."

The site makes cynical use of the party's glory days, several centuries ago. Under Who We Are: "It all started with people who opposed slavery." Basking in its "accomplishments," it drags out every black person or woman who ever had the misfortune to identify with it, but it can't disguise the fact it's been all downhill – Contract with America, Tax Cuts, War in Iraw – for decades. Steele's blog, titled "What Up?", is hopefully its much-deserved death knell.

"Why are you are Republican? Think about that for a minute." – Michael Steele

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