A Dog, Dressed as History

A Dog, Dressed as History

Abby Zimet

The media is making a big deal out of today's Senate vote for the
Baucus bill and the support of one actual real-live Republican, Maine's
own Olympia Snowe, who grandly proclaimed, "When history calls, history
calls." But jeez: let's get real. It's a lousy bill, shaped, bought and
paid for by a profiteering insurance industry via its favorite conduit,
Baucus himself. It lacks a public option, and leaves single payer
health care, the only fair and progressive option, far behind. After so
much noise, is this the best we can do? Oh, what a falling-off was

Leonard Rodberg for Physicians for a National Health Program: "The Plan is a dog. It is a terrible, complex plan that will accomplish
almost nothing. Relatively few people will benefit from it, while
everyone who has to use health care will continue to experience the
mess that is, and will continue to be, the American health care

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