Hey Hey It's Racist

Hey Hey It's Racist

Abby Zimet

News of the weird from Australia, where the host of a variety show has apologized
for the (dreadful) performance of the Jackson Jive, guys in blackface
and Afro wigs doing a Jackson Five impersonation with a Michael Jackson
frontman in white face. Oy. Weirder yet: The frontman is a plastic
surgeon, all the guys are multicultural doctors, and they did the same
skit 20 years ago, when it was deemed hilarious. We wonder: Does that
constitute progress? See it here if you dare. 

"We have offended some people no doubt," said prominent plastic surgeon
Dr. Anand Deva, who played Michael Jackson. "I suspect things are
probably a bit different in America in terms of what that (black face)

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