"We Are Not Being Treated Kindly"

"We Are Not Being Treated Kindly"

Abby Zimet

Demonstrations today against the U.S.

In a classically ambivalent resonse to the historic gap between haves and have-nots, the proposed Kerry-Lugar Bill – which would give Pakistan $7.5
billion in economic aid over five years – has provoked protests among
wary Pakistanis who say the bill gives the U.S. too much influence and is,
in the words of one opponent, "intrusive, overbearing and bordering on
the humiliation of Pakistan." Pakistani politicians are debating the bill today.

The bill "is bound to undermine our
sovereignty in every possible way. The Americans are trying to dictate
to us in every walk of life," said Umair Anjum, 21.

Front photo: Umair Anjum, left, with Ali Rizvi and a weird friend outside a McDonald's in Islamabad. Christoph Bangert for The New York Times




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