Full-Service Thuggery

Full-Service Thuggery

Abby Zimet


A weirdly ominous story out of Hardin, Montana, where the little-known, Blackwater-like American Police Force, a security and military training company, has reportedly taken control of the tiny town's $27 million, never-used, loan-defaulted jail, which has no prisoners – though it was once proposed as a possible destination for Gitmo detainees. There's also 40 acres of empty land around it, with some speculation it could become a quasi-military training center.

In more weirdness, the tough guys arrived in shiny SUVs marked with the logo of the Hardin police department, which doesn't exist. There has been a little press focusing on the non-jail/prisoners/police part of the story. But who ARE these people, anyway? And does America really need another private company of thugs whose website, complete with soundtrack of Ravel's stirringly martial "Bolero," boasts services ranging from interdicting terror activity and weapons of mass destruction to weapons sales including Nuclear/Biological/Chemical (WMD) and investigative services drawing on "vast global network of highly ranked officers and government officials"?

"American Police Force is dedicated to maintaining our well-deserved professional reputation as a results oriented full-service private investigative and security agency by way of commitment, diligence, unique resources, creativity, and tenacity on behalf of our clients."



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