All Further Articles for 2009-09-27

Sunday, September 27, 2009
Homeless in America, In White Eyelet Lace Dress with Embroidered Accents
Oh, capitalism. Mattel's American Girl - creator of obscenely pricey dolls for up to $158, with bed another $118 - is now marketing Gwen, a homeless doll. For $95, you get Gwen with aforementioned dress, long blond hair and dark back story - she and her mom, fallen on hard times, live in their car before making their vinyl way to a homeless shelter. A $95 doll to celebrate the sorrowful fact that, every seven seconds, someone somewhere in this land of plenty will reportedly lose their home. Update : One of our readers suggests calling Mattel (608.836.4848) or emailing and asking them to donate profits from the sale of "Gwen" to homeless shelters and food banks.
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Not So Free Speech
Palestinian human-rights activist Mohammad Othman has been detained without charges by Israeli police on his way home from Norway, where he was promoting the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign – the first time Israel has arrested someone for BDS advocacy. Othman, whose village is in the occupied West Bank, works with Stop the Wall, a grassroots anti-Apartheid Wall group. His hearing is Tuesday. Go here for a petition and more.
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