Hey, Have You Considered This? We Are Not For Sale

Hey, Have You Considered This? We Are Not For Sale

Abby Zimet

Before GOP Sen. Jim Bunning took his little nap at Wednesday's
health care hearing, he proposed putting off any votes on a bill until
it had been posted on the Senate website for 72 hours. Happily, he was
turned down, but not before Sen. Pat Roberts of Kansas explained
the delay would give lobbyists a chance to explain to legislators that
private insurers are doing just fine thanks and they like their obscene
profits and women who get beat by their husbands probably asked for it
and who needs insurance anyway? According to the Center for Responsive
Politics, Roberts has gotten over $172,000 from insurance companies over
the past five years. Surprise! - he's against a public option.

"But the thing that I'm trying to point out is we would have at
least 72 hours for the people that the providers have hired to keep up
with all of the legislation that we pass around here...to say, 'Hey,
wait a minute. Have you considered this?'"

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