Working On A Dream

Working On A Dream

Abby Zimet

Happy Birthday to Bruce Springsteen, the working class kid from
Jersey who saw Elvis on TV and went out and bought a guitar for 18
bucks and started playing at nursing homes and rollerdomes and went on
to become, well, you know. The Boss is 60, the same age as some of the
rest of us, so it's especially gladdening to see him still rocking -
eloquent, hard-driving, big-hearted, committed to doing some good in
this world. He celebrated by playing shows in Des Moines and Chicago,
where he and the E Street Band played the entire "Born To Run" album,
in order. The title song, he's said, "continues to speak to that part
of you that is both exhilarated and frightened about what tomorrow

"There's nothing to lose, it's a heartbreak, the deck's stacked/ So put your foot to the floor and darlin' don't look back"

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