All Further Articles for 2009-09-22

Tuesday, September 22, 2009
Still Evil (And Twisting Facts) After All These Years
Thanks be to Albert Einstein, who taught us all things are relative. For all its very real imperfections, we feel a wave of gratitude for the Obama presidency every time some Bush-era weasel crawls out of whatever nasty hole he or she is inhabiting and starts spouting the usual fear-mongering, blood-tinged lies. Now Condoleezza Rice is saying that if we "abandon" Afghanistan, the terrorists will get us. She still makes no sense.
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"I Am Here In A Field In Northern France Because There Is Nowhere Else."
French riot police last night raided a makeshift camp that was home to hundreds of Afghan refugees desperately hoping to enter Britain but caught instead in political limbo. Those arrested are a fraction of the thousands of Afghans, Iraqis and others, many of whom helped Western forces before fleeing, who have spent months camped in tents and ditches. Background story here . Aissa Zaibet: "It's the same story across the whole of Europe...Each government pushes them further down the road, and the end of the road is the UK."
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Up 131%, And Still Going
Tell Us Something We Don't Know, Now What Are You Going To Do About It Dept.: A Kaiser Family Foundation survey found the average family premium for health insurance rose to $13,375 last year, a jump of 5% even as inflation fell .7%. That makes for an obscene rise of 131% over the past ten years, when wages increased only 38%. One more time: public option, anyone? The report is here .
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Dancing with Redistricting
Former bug exterminator and House Majority Leader Tom DeLay - under indictment as one of America's most corrupt politicians and author of a brazen GOP redistricting scheme - did a sparkly-vested, animal-print cha cha on "Dancing With the Stars" last night. Comment seems in order: Something about the surreal nexus between politics and celebrity, the Biblical proportions of his fall, the question of which punishment best fits his crimes – jail or reality show? With House GOPs plotting, just be sure it doesn't happen again. The Democratic Governors Association is trying to keep things fair here . The dancing train wreck, if you're so inclined, is here .
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