Quagmire Redux

Quagmire Redux

Abby Zimet

Mr. President, We ask once more: Given the latest casualty figures, public opinion polls, Congressional rumblings and dire warnings from your top military leaders of "mission failure" (whatever that constitutes that hasn't already happened) – given all this, surely it's time to rethink Afghanistan? 

This morning, NPR's BBC report included an interview with an Afghan M.P. who made so many sensible, seemingly obvious points that it was hard to imagine the entire U.S. population, listening while driving to work or their kids' schools, not all nodding together with it, a collective, exasperated, war-weary, quiet howl of protest. You need to help us train our own troops, he said, and address the root problems of poverty and unemployment without the corruption of the current government, and articulate a reason for being there, and stop killing our civilians, etc etc. Of course. How could anyone not see this?

Likewise, today's news of General Stanley McChristal's disastrous assessment of how things stand and the high risk of "a longer conflict, greater casualties, higher overall costs and,
ultimately, a critical loss of political support." What part of "quagmire" do these people still not get?

Seeing the coming debacle, Brave New Films is about to debut its documentary, "Rethink Afghanistan," to help try and stop it. To see the film, post it, Facebook it or otherwise spread its cautionary message, go here     

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