Shhh, Senator

Jon Queally

Brian Beutler's post at TPM reads: Snowe: I Won't Let My Party Dictate My Vote on Health Care Reform

Well, if this is true, the obvious question becomes: What will dictate your vote, Senator? And if the answer is 'personal conscience' - and not 'subservience to a bankrupt moral compass' or 'allegiance to corporate interests that undermine the health of millions of Americans' - the answer is simple...

Support the robust Public Option that even Max Baucus can't bring himself to support. 

Go beyond bi-partisanship, Senator Snowe. Go beyond the dysfunctional (and hypocritical) ideology and rhetoric of the new (and disproved) GOP and call for a robust (and common sense) Public Option. Say, "If it leads to a single-payer system down the road, so be it." Say, "I'm a mature, intelligent adult, and on this issue - on behalf of the American people - the progressive solution seems the most sane, just, cost-effective, and rational approach I've seen." Say, "I believe in the free market, but not when it kills people or unduly profits on the misfortunes of others." Say that or something like it, Senator Snowe, or you may as well keep your "moderate center" - and your vote - to yourself.

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