Glory Days

Glory Days

Abby Zimet

Congratulations and condolences to New Jersey. It's got the Boss,
but it's also got way more than its share of loonies. Curious about the
level of anger toward our duly elected president, Public Policy Polling decided to ask residents if they think Obama's the Anti-Christ. To a remarkable extent, they do.

the poll, 8% said yes and 13% weren't sure, making for a whopping 21
percent that just stepped out of The Exorcist. Among Republicans, 14%
said yes and 15% weren't sure. Of course it's worse - 35% - among
"conservatives." Talk about your full plate: Not only is Obama a
Socialist, Communist, Nazi, Fascist, Radical and killer of old people,
but he's the Son of Perdition?

Our differences yawn, unbridgeable. Bette Davis: "Fasten your seat belts - it's gonna be a bumpy night."


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