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Thursday, September 10, 2009
You Lie! You Make Lots of Money for The Other Guy!
Poor Joe Wilson. His juvenile outburst last night at our duly elected President has raised over $600,000 for his formerly little-known Democratic opponent, Iraq War veteran Rob Miller. Donations to Miller at Act Blue range from $205,180 from Daily Kos readers called Kossacks for Rob Miller: Defeating the Man Who Yelled 'Liar' at Obama to $122.50 from Iowans Against Idiocy to $25 from the Giraffe Boards/ Shivarna Mitra Fan Club "who value courtesy in public discourse, and don't believe in allowing random douchebaggery from members of Congress when the President is addressing them." Donate here Update: In the time it took to post this, Miller raised almost $30,000, bringing his total to $629,814. Update 2: Now it's $725,364.
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For Now, A Reprieve
Fishermen in the Japanese town chronicled in "The Cove," an award-winning film on the brutal annual slaughter of dolphins, have released 100 bottlenose dolphins caught the first day of the season following international protests by animal-rights activists. But it remains unclear how long the moratorium in Taiji will continue, and 50 pilot whales caught the same day were killed and sold for meat as usual. This picture is before. See More for after.
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Obama’s Speech: Trapped In the Gap Between Action and Rhetoric
The President did a great job last night on selling the country on the need for health care reform. He made the moral case, and every metric indicates that people were overwhelmingly moved to support his plan. That's the good news for the White House. The not so good news ...
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Christ Is Coming: Put Little Lights on Your Juice Can
In what is invariably a bad sign, the Bible-and-juice-can-packing Bolivian preacher who hijacked yesterday's Aeromexico flight said he was on a divine mission and had been told by God to warn the Mexican president of an earthquake "like none there has ever been." Echoing George Bush, Sarah Palin, Joe the Plumber, Charles Manson and other notables of questionable judgment who have inappropriately dragged God into the conversation, José Mar Flores, 44, said he chose 9/9/09 because it was 666 upside down. Flores, having told authorities he had three accomplices: They're "the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost."
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Late To a Loaded Table
With passion and clarity, Obama last night urged Congress and America to "do great things" by enacting health care reform, what Ted Kennedy long called "the great unfinished business of our society." But Obama comes late to the table, and lying hacks have long been there – they just haven't been called on it.
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