Pull the Pin on 'the Trigger'

Pull the Pin on 'the Trigger'

Jon Queally

Recent reports indicate Obama's continued attempts to find bi-partisan support for healthcare are leading him to explore Sen. Olympia Snowe's possible acceptance of the 'Trigger' option.

A) Since when is one Republican Senate vote considered bi-partisan? B) It is time to pull the 'trigger' on the private insurance industry. And C) It is way past time.

On Thursday, members of the Congressional Progressive Caucus sent a letter to Obama reaffirming their promise not to support any bill without a robust public option.  In part:

Any bill that does not provide, at a minimum, a public
option built on the  Medicare provider system and with reimbursement
based on Medicare rates-not  negotiated rates-is unacceptable... [The
public option] must be available immediately and must not be contingent
upon any trigger.

Obama has a scheduled conference call with House Progressives
today.  Let's hope they prove the more persuasive.  If not, reform, and the millions of lives that depend on it, are
in serious trouble.

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