Surreal and Orwellian

Surreal and Orwellian

Abby Zimet

Is there no limit to the current right-wing, fear-fed insanity? Now conservatives are freaking out
that President Obama is making a back-to-school speech urging children
to stay in school, work hard and succeed. In response, wingnuts are
referencing Chairman Mao, Mussolini, socialist ideology, junior
lobbyists and communist indoctrination. And the White House feels
compelled to respond to this idiocy?!?!

okay. Let's try and
understand. The Bush years are over, the culture is shifting, times are
hard. Change, especially on several fronts, can feel threatening to
those ill-equipped to handle it. Overreaction is a natural human
response to fear. But still. This is nuts. Obama was wrong: We are not
the United States. We are blue states and red states and many crazies
on the
edge, and they will never be able to hear him. There is no way to
reason with fear and hatred and blind opposition; it's smashing your
head on a brick wall. Obama needs to accept what will always be,
sometimes, a yawning
gap, and reassert the values and priorities that got him elected, and get to work. 


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