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Wednesday, September 2, 2009
Preemptive Arrest
A year after St. Paul police rounded up and arrested over 200 people who were planning to protest the Republican National Convention - but hadn't actually done anything yet - 27 plaintiffs filed a class action suit against the city on behalf of all those arrested. Police officers used pepper spray and horses against the protesters, none of whom was convicted of anything except not liking Republicans.
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Bailout Baron Bounty
The heads of 20 banks that got the biggest bailouts - and laid off over 160,000 workers - made almost 40 percent more than other CEOS last year, with the top five CEOS at those banks earning about $32 million each, a new study shows. The Institute for Policy Studies report says average CEO pay was 430 times larger than for typical workers like, probably, you.
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Tuesday, September 1, 2009
Boeing Leads the Way: Laser Kills A Truck
We can rest easy now. Boeing and the Air Force have announced their new airborne Advanced Tactical Laser "defeated" a stationary vehicle in a flight test Tuesday, thus making the world safe for "directed energy weapon systems" and, presumably, any day now, peace. Need it be said? Feed the children, please, instead.
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Blackwater, Still And All
Despite its past crimes, including alleged murder and gun-running, Blackwater is still in the security business in Iraq. The State Department has extended a contract with Presidential Airways, a subsidiary of what is now Xe, for an indefinite, supposedly limited period. Meanwhile, a Congressional report says often-outlaw civilian contractors in Afghanistan not only outnumber troops, but do so at the highest ratio ever.
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