Bull In A China Shop, With In-House Massage

Bull In A China Shop, With In-House Massage

Abby Zimet

Now that we've bailed out massive insurer AIG to the tune of $173
billion, it's gratifying to see its new CEO Robert Benmosche making
good on our faith in him. A few days after taking the job, which
pays up to $10.5 million - 3 in cash, 4 in stock, 3.5 in bonuses - he
went on vacation at his Croatian villa, with its 12 bathrooms, Italian
tiles, French tapestries, wine cellar, vineyards and sweeping view of
the Adriatic. While there, he is working hard, sometimes making three
calls a day! Given that, he cannot understand the ire of those "lynch
mobs with pitchforks" who begrudge him his life.

"At the end of the
day none of us are entitled to anything. It is what we earn."

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