An American Tragedy

An American Tragedy

Abby Zimet

The Washington Independent is running the full, though heavily redacted, CIA torture report
released today. It has so many horrific details - where to start?

Beatings with flashlights, threats with a gun and power drill, mock
executions, choking to the point of unconsciousness, threats to kill
detainees' families, repeated waterboarding modelled on a training
program but taken to such extremes it became "too real" to endure - and
thus "more poignant and convincing." Information on the efficacy of
torture that was "appreciably overstated," "exaggerated" and
"probably misrepresented."

And the final, tragic truth: that no
tortured detainee has been prosecuted, nor - given current signs from
the Obama administration - will they likely be.

The report is here. Read it and weep.

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