Western Civilization, Dabbed In Saturated Fat

Western Civilization, Dabbed In Saturated Fat

Abby Zimet


Double-Down on this. KFC has come up with a new artery-defying, extra-crispy, gimme-everything-you got marvel of a sandwich featuring bacon, two kinds of cheese, and an elusive "Colonel's Sauce" all between two fried chicken patties masquerading as whole wheat bread or something else that won't kill you. Oddly, it doesn't appear on the website and is apparently being marketed only in Omaha, which KFC evidently doesn't like, as part of a "Rethink KFC" campaign that's ostensibly about eating healthy. Possibly hungry Whole Foods boycotters, beware. It beats out all the other Triple Everythings With Cheese and Salt, equalling the sins of three Big Macs put together.

From the Vancouver Sun: "This one menu item can be estimated to supply more than the daily recommended allowance in fat (124%), saturated fat (117%), cholesterol (105%), sodium (125%) and protein (194%), as well as 61% of your daily recommended calorie intake.

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