Counter-Intuitive – But Turning A Profit

Counter-Intuitive – But Turning A Profit

Abby Zimet

Too-Bad-Irony's-Dead Dept: In the wake of a scuffle at a St.
Louis town hall meeting, Tea Party protesters are demanding justice for
a conservative activist who either started it all and was unhurt - the
likely reality,
judging from a video - or was "brutally attacked by union thugs," the
right-wing version. The punch line: Kenneth Gladney, 38, is now
accepting donations for his "medical expenses" - because he has no health insurance.

"A few nights ago there was an assault on my liberty, and on yours,
too. This should never happen in this country." - a Gladney statement read by his attorney David Brown, to cheers from protesters.

Update: Brown now says Gladney is just unemployed, but has insurance through his wife. Still, he has received, and kept, $1,100: "Well, who
doesn't need a donation? If people want to give him a donation because
he's injured and unemployed, that's up to them."

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