"We Did It!"

"We Did It!"

Abby Zimet

Carmen Vasquez and Eve Valenquela celebrate at East Harlem's FB Lounge - Brian Harkin for USA TODAY

The confirmation of Sonia Sotomayor sparked celebration among the
nation's 45 million Hispanics, from Cleveland - "Her story is the
Puerto Rican story," said attorney Jose Feliciano - to Oxnard,
Ca. - "Any person of color could look at her and say, 'I do have a
future,'" said community activist Carmen Ramirez - to Miami, where
Nubia Rodriguez shouted "We did it!" at a gathering of Colombians, Nicaraguans and Cubans at a Peruvian restaurant - to her native New York.

From 10-year-old Samantha DeJesus, a student at the Bronx school where Sotomayor went: "If she could do it, I could."

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