Health Reform=Mandatory Sex Change!

Health Reform=Mandatory Sex Change!

Abby Zimet

Whoah. Right-wing opponents of health reform – funded by Pharma,
thanks – just keep getting nuttier. First they had the health plan
killing off the elderly. Now it's offering abortion on demand AND free
"gender reassignment" surgery "for both U.S. citizens and illegal
immigrants" – this, according to a press release
from Liberty Counsel's Matt Barber titled, "ObamaCare Likely to Mandate
Free Sex-Change Surgeries." Somehow, Barber got there from Sen. Barbara
Mikulski (D-MD) "admitting" the plan covers "any service deemed
medically necessary or appropriate."

"To force Americans, against their
conscience, to fund abortion on demand and to facilitate gender
confusion by subsidizing the elective practice of genital 'sex-change'
mutilation is unconscionable."

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