Remembering Che

Remembering Che

Abby Zimet


Fidel Castro with Che Guevara and his daughter Aleida

two-year-old Aleida Guevara in the arms of Fidel Castro, and her
father, Che. Photograph: IMAGNO/Austrian
Archives/Getty Images

Like her father a doctor and committed Marxist, Aleida Guevara is visiting Britain as a guest of the Cuba Solidarity Campaign, which fights for an end to the U.S. blockade. Promoting a year-long festival of Cuban culture, the daughter of Che Guevara talks about the "papi" she barely knew, how it feels to see his face on mugs and t-shirts, and the future of Cuba.

"The US propaganda machine has dedicated itself to telling everybody
that the revolution depends on just one person. But there is an inner
conviction among the Cuban people. So, when the time comes when Fidel
isn't with us physically any more, they will find a way forward. And if
they can't do that, they will disappear. Pablo Milanés said once it is
preferable to sink in the sea than to betray the glory that once lived.
And for us that rings true."

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