All Further Articles for 2009-07-18

Saturday, July 18, 2009
Hamas' "Ghost" Rises Again
Hamas has debuted its first feature film, "Emad Akel," an action-packed tribute to a top Hamas commander killed in 1993. At the first showing in Gaza City, screenwriter and Hamas architect Mahmoud Zahar said movies are one more way for Palestinians to fight Israeli rule. "Resistance can be a word, a poem," he said.
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'The Chasers' Confront Torture Lawyer John Yoo in Class
In this video, a satirical group from Australia called the Chasers confronts torture lawyer John Yoo during his recent class at Berkeley. A black hood over his head, a man stands on his chair and asks the professor, “How long can I be required to stand here ’til it counts as torture?”
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A New Low in Public Discourse: Health Care = Paula Abdul on Mexicans
Only on Fox News could we see Dr. Robert Goldberg of the so-called Center for Medicine in the Public Interest compare the public option in health care to Bruno inviting Paula Abdul to sit on Mexican workers acting like furniture. Don't ask. "That's exactly what the Obama or the congressional plan does. It tries to balance the budget, the expansion of this new entitlement, on the backs of people."
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Friday, July 17, 2009
"Everyone Has Lost."
Iranian riot police used batons and teargas to break up protests after prayers in Tehran, where leading cleric Hashemi Rafsanjani warned the regime was "in crisis" and urged a release of prisoners detained in post-election unrest. Opposition leader Mousavi and reformist cleric Mehdi Karoubi were both present. "People have lost their faith in the regime and their trust is damaged," Rafsanjani said. "Everyone has lost."
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