House Committee Will Investigate Assassination Program

House Committee Will Investigate Assassination Program

Jeremy Scahill

The House Intelligence Committee has just announced that it is
launching an official probe into the alleged concealment by former vice
president Dick Cheney of a C.I.A. assassination program. Senior Obama
officials may think it was perfectly legal, but House Intelligence Committee chair Rep. Sylvestre Reyes doesn’t seem to agree (H/T Greg Sargent):

“After careful consideration and consultation with the Ranking Minority Member and other members of the Committee, I
am announcing an official Committee investigation into possible
violations of federal law, including the National Security Act of 1974.

“This investigation will focus on the core issues of how the
congressional intelligence committees and Congress are kept fully and
currently informed. To this end, the investigation will examine several
issues, including the program discussed during [CIA] Director [Leon]
Panetta’s June 24th notification and whether there was any official
decision or direction to withold information from the Committee.”

As regular readers of this site know, I have serious questions about
the official narrative being offered about this story. These hearings,
however, could present an important pressure point on the issue of an
independent Special Prosecutor. Stay tuned…

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--Jeremy Scahill


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