Super Candidates

Super Candidates

Abby Zimet




part of this week's BootCamp 2009 run by the New Organizing Institute
(NOI), a progressive advocacy and campaign training program, fledgling
organizers are mounting online campaigns
for their candidates – an impressive roster of superheroes running for
mayor of DC. They include Batwoman ("A Real Hero for Real Equality"),
The Atom ("No Problem Too Small"), The Green Lantern ("Will Light the
Way for DC’s Future"), Spider-Man ("The experience and Passion to
Protect Our Nation's Capitol") and Wonder Woman ("Together We Can Make
DC Wonderful Again.") Votes will be counted Friday. The winner – any
winner – will likely do better than Marion Barry.

"Wonder Woman is not only the hottest super
hero but also the smartest and most qualified for the job. Against all odds...her world-saving accomplishments
are second to none!"

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