Palin: I Quit

Tim Dickinson

Rolling Stones' Tim Dickinson on Sarah Palin:

Palin Resigns. But Why?!

7/3/09, 3:55 pm EST


Sarah Palin has pulled the plug on her governorship. Before the end
of her only term. At an impromptu press conference. At her house. On a
Friday. Before the 4th of July. And refuses to answer questions.

This is not in keeping with a woman with presidential ambitions.

And certainly not in keeping with a politician who has learned to
milk a media frenzy for every last drop (see Letterman, David.)

No. This has the hallmarks of a politician slinking away before the shit hits the fan.

Really. If this were some double-bank-shot designed to bolster her presidential standing (as AP seems to suggest)
would Sarah Palin choose to duck out on the first day of a three-day
weekend? When the entire American mediaplex is off buying ice for the

No way.

Another shoe is about to drop, but what is it?

The only clue we’ve got, an oblique mention to a reporter from the outgoing Guv:

“You are naive if you don’t see a full-court press on the national level, picking apart a good point guard.”

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