The Insanity of Bottled Water

The Insanity of Bottled Water

Abby Zimet



Pictures by environmental artist and photographer Chris Jordan. His website is here.

Mid-way in an Eco Week declared by DK GreenRoots, a new environmental advocacy group, a piece reminding us that bottled water makes no environmental, economic or moral sense. A sampling: 

with the fossil fuels burned and greenhouse gases burned, making and
moving a 1-kg bottle of water uses 6.74 kg of water. Traces of
Bisphenol-A have been found in almost every American tested for it. The
average cost of a bottle of water is roughly 2,000 times that of tap
water. Over 26,000,000,000 bottles of water are sold in North America
each year, with 86% going into landfills and 1,500 discarded every

Etc. For more on DK Green Roots, go here.



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