60 Senate Votes: Now What Are You Gonna Do with Them Obama?

barack08North (TPM)

If the purpose of running for office is to acquire power and if the
purpose of acquiring power is to do some sort of lasting public good
with it, then it would be fair of the American people to expect Pres.
Barack Obama's report card to show significant accomplishments by the
time the 2010 congressional elections roll in.

After [yesterday's] announcement of Al Franken  as the winner of last
November's Minnesota Senate race, the Democrats now have 60 senate
seats and 257 congressional seats, more than enough to push through the
Democratic President's agenda. Any fears of a filibuster have now been
eliminated. There is no longer a need to court Olympia Snowe or Susan
Collins or any other so-called moderate Republican. The Democrats, if
they only allow themselves to agree can now bring Americans
single-payer Universal Healthcare, enact proper regulations of the
financial industry, withdraw troops from Iraq, withdraw troops from a
useless war in Afghanistan, confirm Sotomayor to the Supreme Court and
much more...

But I suspect very few of those things will happen. Obama is a
serial compromiser and Democrats and Progressives in general relish
argument and debate even when it stands in the way of useful  and
valuable accomplishments. And that's probably going to be the Legacy of
the 111th Congresss: immense possibilities but very few tangible
results. I would love to eat my words in a few months but I don't think
I will.

--barack08North's diary at Talking Points Memo can be read here.

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