The Truth, Wingnut Variety

The Truth, Wingnut Variety

Abby Zimet



Pat Boone at the 1997 American Music Awards promoting his heavy metal album, "In a
Metal Mood: No More Mr. Nice Guy."

again that right-wingers need to get a life – or accept that times are
changing – 50's crooner Pat Boone, who made black R&B classics
palatable to white America, has joined the
so-called birthers, demanding "in the name of decency and equality"
that President Obama produce a REAL U.S. birth certificate, not his
"supposed copy" of one. In a surmise-ridden rant, Boone suggests
history will blame the (illegitimate) Obama for taxing the middle class
"into despondency," "throttling religious speech with phony 'hate
crimes' legislation," enacting "crippling and fraudulent 'global
warming' laws" and other crimes that, clearly, only someone
foreign-born could commit.

Alas, his fervor did not help the latest
wingnut effort to buy an ad in a Honolulu paper to help document Obama's birth there, "as he claims in his autobiography." The paper became the latest to decline to touch the issue, "even for money." 

"One thing for sure: This is not going away. More
and more people are determined to get the truth, and will press to get

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