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On the same day the Free Gaza boat "Spirit of Humanity" departed Cyprus for Gaza with 21 human rights workers and three tons of medical aid, toys and reconstruction kits, the International Red Cross has issued a report finding that 1.5 million Gazans remain "trapped in despair" and calling on Israel to lift its blockade "as the first and most urgent measure to end Gaza's isolation and allow its people to rebuild their lives." The report found a "strangled economy," soaring unemployment, a destroyed agricultural system, inadequate access to health care, "alarming poverty" and emotional trauma.

From the report: "Gazans still cannot rebuild their lives. Most
people struggle to make ends meet. Seriously ill patients face
difficulty obtaining the treatment they need. Many children suffer from
deep psychological problems. Civilians whose homes and belongings were
destroyed during the conflict are unable to recover...Only an honest and courageous political process involving all States, political authorities and organized armed groups concerned can address the plight of Gaza and restore a dignified life to its people."
The Free Gaza Movement has made five trips to Gaza, delivering humanitarian supplies and bringing a message of hope and solidarity to isolated Gazans. To help, donate or learn more, go here  

our governments fail to act, we - the citizens of the world - must
stand up and make our voices heard."



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