Great, But Not Great Enough

Great, But Not Great Enough

Abby Zimet

Facing growing criticism from gay rights leaders on his failure to live up to campaign promises, President Obama is slated to sign tonight a bill extending health benefits to same-sex partners of federal employees. Still, with the change stopping short of full health coverage and affecting very few people, advocates charge it doesn't go far enough.

"Gay marriage is exploding around the country. 70% of
the country support repealing Don't Ask Don't Tell, even majorities of
Republicans and churchgoers. And a majority of Americans oppose job
discrimination against gays. This stuff just isn't controversial
anywhere outside of the Obama administration and a Sarah Palin Fan Club
meeting....Not to mention, we have to beat the bejeesus out of you for five
days to even get your attention, and this is all we get?"

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