Most Israelis Could Live with a Nuclear Iran: Poll

Most Israelis Could Live with a Nuclear Iran: Poll

Craig Brown

Reuters is reporting:

JERUSALEM  - Only one in five Israeli Jews believes a
nuclear-armed Iran would try to destroy Israel and most see life
continuing as normal should their arch-foe get the bomb, an opinion
poll published on Sunday found.

The survey, commissioned by a Tel Aviv University think tank,
appeared to challenge the argument of successive Israeli governments
that Iran must be denied the means to make atomic weapons lest it
threaten the existence of the Jewish state.

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Asked how a nuclear-armed Iran would affect their lives, 80 percent
of respondents said they expected no change. Eleven percent said they
would consider emigrating and 9 percent said they would consider
relocating inside Israel.

Twenty-one percent of Israelis believe Iran "would attack Israel
with nuclear weapons with the objective of destroying it," the
Institute for National Security Studies (INSS), which commissioned the
poll, said in a statement.

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