Not the Change They Expected

Not the Change They Expected

Robert Dreyfuss in Tehran


It's Saturday afternoon in Tehran, and the streets are generally quiet.
But the aftermath of Iran's rigged election, in which radical-right
President Ahmadinejad and his paramilitary backers were kept in office,
has left Iran's capital steeped in anger, despair, and bitterness.

Last night, after the polls closed, heavily armed troops from the
Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps were in evidence in the streets. In
one area of north Teheran, where backers of opposition challenger and
reformist ex-Prime Minister Mousavi are concentrated, I saw a convoy of
at least fifteen military vehicles filled with armed guards idling
along the side of the road. The street in front of the Interior
Ministry, where votes are counted, is blocked and heavily guarded after
rumors that Mousavi supporters might gather there to protest the
election count.

Mousavi himself has pledged to fight the verdict, using words like
"tyranny" and adding, "I will not surrender to this dangerous charade."


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