Gitmo: The Game (Really. Well, Almost)

Gitmo: The Game (Really. Well, Almost)

Abby Zimet









Reaffirming the truth-is-stranger-and-often sicker-than-fiction dictum, a British company working with a former Gitmo detainee designed and started hyping a new X-Box game called "Rendition: Guantanamo" in which players control a terror suspect who must shoot his way out before being subjected to torture. The kicker: the company has now withdrawn the project – not because it's tasteless, inappropriate and exploitative, but because right-wingers blasted it as "a piece of al Qaeda propaganda."

From the T-Enterprise statement: "Guantanamo was to be a mercenary run institution and so
there would have been NO American military personnel killed within the
game...We support the British and American troops that fight the
war against terrorism to make the world a safer place and would not
make a game that said otherwise."




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