All Further Articles for 2009-06-03

Wednesday, June 3, 2009
Gitmo: The Game (Really. Well, Almost)
Reaffirming that truth is stranger and often sicker than fiction, a British company working with a former Gitmo detainee has been hyping "Rendition: Guantanamo," a new X-Box game in which players control a terror suspect who must shoot his way out. The kicker: the company has withdrawn the project – not because it's exploitative and tasteless but because right-wingers blasted it as "a piece of al Qaeda propaganda." From the T-Enterprise statement: "We support the British and American troops that fight the war against terrorism to make the world a safer place and would not make a game that said otherwise."
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Pink Floyd's Roger Waters to Israel: Tear Down the Wall
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What Part of 'Quagmire' Don't You Understand?
In his confirmation hearings, Lt. Gen. Stanley McChrystal was less than reassuring on the outcome of the U.S. war in Afghanistan . He has already conceded any progress will be "hollow and unsustainable" if it continues to cause civilian deaths and Afghan anger, and has faced questions about his part in abuse and a Tillman cover-up. Have these people ever heard of a red flag? On the likelihood of a long counterinsurgency campaign: “I believe it is winnable, but I don’t believe it will be easily winnable. There will be mistakes along the way.”
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Tuesday, June 2, 2009
Trust Women
A moving piece on what the loss of Dr. George Tiller means to women facing heartbreaking choices. On his patients: "Every single one of them received the kindest, most caring and compassionate, the best health care that they could get."
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Malcolm and Sojourner and Other Dancing Saints
Seeking to define sanctity in progressive terms, artist Mark Dukes spent 10 years creating a giant mural for an activist Episcopalian church in San Francisco. Dukes' Dancing Saints in the rotunda of St. Gregory of Nyssa Church include John Coltrane and Cesar Chavez, Anne Frank and Stephen Biko, Desmond Tutu and Sojourner Truth.
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