Inalienable Rights

Inalienable Rights


Protest in favour of gay marriage outside California Supreme Court

As protesters shouted "Shame on you!" California's Supreme Court today upheld Prop. 8's ban on same-sex marriage, while leaving intact those marriages performed before the initative passed. The decision leaves many gay couples in a legal limbo. It does the same to millions of their children. Joan Garry notes that it was thus not a good day for those families, friends of those families, and anyone who believes in the Bill of Rights – or about about two-thirds of Americans.

"If history offers us any lesson, it is that people do not change their
attitude on issues they care deeply about without fighting like hell
over them...Today the fight has left us
battered and bruised but the truth is that the very public fight plays
a critical role in moving the needle of public opinion."

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