Mastercard-istan: Ex-Bush Henchman Wants to be "CEO of Afghanistan" (Literally)

Jeremy Scahill

This story
that is developing with the big oil-Bush buddy Zalmay Khalilzad is
amazing in how crude it is. Khalilzad of course was one of Bush’s top
diplomatic henchmen in Afghanistan, Iraq and elsewhere and an original
signer of the Project for a New American Century, whose global conquest
agenda was adopted as official US policy under Bush. Well, good ol’ Zal
apparently wants to be president of Afghanistan, but he missed the May
8 deadline to file. So, instead, he is now cooking up a plan with the
US-puppet president, Hamid Karzai, to become the “chief executive
officer of Afghanistan.” That is not a joke. That is exactly how The New York Times described Khalilzad’s desired position:

The position would allow Mr. Khalilzad to serve as “a prime
minister, except not prime minister because he wouldn’t be responsible
to a parliamentary system,” a senior Obama administration official
said. Taking the unelected position would also allow Mr. Khalilzad to
keep his American citizenship.

Administration officials insisted
that the United States was not behind the idea of enlisting Mr.
Khalilzad to serve in the Afghan government, and they gave no further
details on what his duties might be.


A plan that
puts Mr. Khalilzad near the top of a Karzai government would provide
the Obama administration with a strong conduit to push American
interests in Afghanistan

You cannot make this stuff up.

It was bad enough that the US
imported Hamid Karzai who would be ripped to shreds in about 2 seconds
if the US military pulled out of Afghanistan. Now, the Obama folks want
to actually impose tolerate one of Bush’s cronies as
a non-elected “CEO” of an occupied country where his job is described
in corporate terms so that he can “push American interests.”

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