The Dark Hole

The Dark Hole


Andrew Sullivan explores the dark history behind the 2002 decision to torture Abu Zubaydah – who was waterboarded 83 times – by first noting that "torture is about forcing a victim to tell you something you already think you know...and there are many things that Dick Cheney simply knows..." Yesterday, seven years after giving his captors false information that helped lead to the Iraq invasion, Zubaydah was found dead in a Libyan jail, a reported "suicide."

"He'd been interrogated successfully, given up huge amounts of
information when being treated humanely... but not enough for Cheney. Cheney wanted Zubaydah to tell him
what Cheney already knew: the Saddam-Qaeda connection. That would sure
foil those pantywaist liberals in the State Department, the Congress
and the press who kept asking for proof - as if proof were needed in
such an emergency. And so Zubaydah was strapped to a waterboard."





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