All Further Articles for 2009-05-08

Friday, May 8, 2009
Beyond Us
For many of us insulated by distance and privilege, it is difficult to picture what the U.N. calls the "massive displacement" of up to a million Pakistanis in the wake of a military offensive against the Taliban. A million. What does that look like? This is what two look like.
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Coasting to A Green Future
Engineers and racing car freaks – 200 teams from 29 countries – are gathering in Germany for the Eco-Marathon, a green car rally that rewards, not the fastest car but the most fuel-efficient. "The target is 3,000 miles to the gallon," said John Caulderbank of the University of Central Lancashire.
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Death To The Invaders
Thousands of angry people have taken to the streets in Farah in western Afghanistan to protest civilian deaths in U.S. airstrikes. The crowd chanted "death to America, death to the invaders." "We ask the Afghan government to force the Americans to leave Afghanistan," said Haji Nangyalai. "They kill more civilians than Taliban."
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Sometimes, A Bit of Justice
Gov. Sarah Palin, who has said she doesn't believe in global warming, has had to cancel her attendance at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner due to severe floods in Alaska caused by an usually warm spring, aka global warming.
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I Will Not Raise My Children to Kill Another Woman's Child
CODEPINK has planned a weekend of anti-war events for Mother's Day. For a vigil schedule, news of upcoming delegations for the children of Gaza, and other ways to help end the wars, go here
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House Appropriations Committee Moves Against Iraq Mission Creep
There is good news from the House Appropriations Committee yesterday: Members voted in Congressman Sam Farr's (D-CA) amendment to the supplemental funding bill for Iraq and Afghanistan.
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