More Scary Thoughts

More Scary Thoughts

Abby Zimet

To assuage any discontent you may feel with the Obama administration's progress on key issues, you can gain valuable perspective by  periodically revisiting the Who-ARE-These-People? Department and considering the realistic alternatives. It's a relative universe.


From former House Republican Whip Roy Blunt: "Just because we're in a situation now where we vote no doesn't mean we are the 'party of no' or have no ideas."

From various Republicans on the newly passed Matthew Shepard Act to protect victims of anti-gay hate crimes:

Rep. Michelle Bachmann: "I feel that this hate crime legislation could be considered the very definition of tyranny."

Rep. Steve King: " I, Mr. Speaker, oppose and I defy the logic
of the people that would advocate for such legislation the very idea we
could divine what goes on in the heads of people when they commit crimes."

Rep. Greshman Barret: "This bill would inhibit religious freedom in our society – a scary thought."

Another one: What if these people were actually in power?

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