All Further Articles for 2009-05-01

Friday, May 1, 2009
More Scary Thoughts
To assuage any discontent with the Obama administration's progress on key issues, you can gain valuable perspective by periodically revisiting the Who-ARE-These-People? Dept. and considering the realistic alternatives. It's a relative universe.
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Ye Are Many – They Are Few
May Day began in 1856 as the "happy idea" of a proletarian work stoppage to organize and agitate for the 8-hour day. On the first May Day in Hyde Park in 1890, trade unionist Eleanor Marx celebrated the vast gathering of labor "to demand its own rights." "We must speak for the cause daily, and make the men, and especially the women that we meet, come into the ranks to help us," she proclaimed.
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Taking The Blame
In an unprecedented move, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee has written CIA employees suggesting Congress shares some blame for torture and the failure to stop it. Texas Democrat Silvestre Reyes said Congress should change the law "to make our own oversight of CIA more meaningful," thus undercutting earlier claims by Nancy Pelosi there was nothing Congress could do. "They don't come in to consult. They come in to notify," Pelosi had said of CIA briefings.
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Supreme Priorities
With Justice Souter about to retire, it's instructive to revisit President Obama's past statements on what he'd want in a Supreme Court Judge: someone with intellect, a strong judicial record, a respect for the right to privacy, a sense of empathy with the "less powerful" and an understanding of "what it means to be on the outside." For more on the record go here
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Thursday, April 30, 2009
Mired In A Bloody Mess
The British have ended their military presence in Iraq, turning over their base at Basra, not to the Iraqis, but to American forces. 179 British soldiers died in Iraq. Family and fellow soldiers describe them: a nice lad, a father of three, engaged to Lucy, a keen footballer, "died trying to do the right thing." For more portraits, go here ; for an archive of the British in Iraq, go here
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Torture Architects
The CIA's waterboarding program was designed and guaranteed medically safe by two $1,000-a-day-psychologists whose "expertise" it turns out was "misrepresented." Neither Bruce Jessen nor Jim Mitchell had any experience conducting interrogations that according to Sen. Carl Levin "increase resistance on the part of the detainee to cooperating."
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