Small, Green Victories

Small, Green Victories

Abby Zimet


Even in Maine, snow's melting, spring's coming, little green shoots –
miracle! – are inching up. Thus does it lift our hearts to hear
Michelle Obama report that
on last week's trip to Europe, the "number one question" to her from
world leaders was about the new Victory Garden: "Every single person
from Prince Charles
on down, they were excited we were planting this garden."

In this leafy season it's likewise gladdening to read about the garden's primary mover: Roger Doiron. His Kitchen Gardeners International is a Maine-based, non-profit,
global network "taking a (dirty) hands-on approach to
the food supply." 
KGI aims to help
individuals and communities achieve greater food self-reliance through small-scale gardening,
home-cooking, and sustainable local foods. Doiron's mantra: "Sometimes you gotta create what you want to be a part of."

For more on KGI, go here


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